M500 SSD sudden stop / cannot clone/backup. I am gonna cry :(

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M500 SSD sudden stop / cannot clone/backup. I am gonna cry :(

Hello friends, the current situation is an emergency. I am the head of a large charity organization and I cannot explain how my trusty M500 (4 years old no problems) decided to stop working exactly the day I was planning a big backup of our organization important photo/video collection. Here is the situation



- windows BSOD normal or safe mode during loading

- BIOS started having trouble finding the disk but is did a power reset and it seems to be fine

- IMPORTANT: I have an external enclosure and I figured who cares if windows is corrupt. I just back up my data and format with a clean Win10. BUT IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! I plug in the drive externally, all files and folders are perfectly well but AFTER 200-300mb of copying the drive stops, the drive is ejected, restarted and windows attaches it again. This happens immediately I start copying files. Otherwise it is just sitting there.  

- Cannot perform a disk check to the externally mounted SSD because it stops and restarts in a way.

- I have tried all kinds of backup software as an externally attached drive NO SUCCESS. It simply hiccups, reboots, restarts the process. 


- Currently the only modest success is running the drive INTERNALLY but booting from a flash drive the HIREM boot CD. I am able to run a backup software that apparently has a longer timeout setting and retry attempts. It starts the backup, the SSD freezes after 500mb copied and the software waits and waits for 10 seconds and then continues. It is similar to the external enclosure reset cycle but there is nowhere to detach now, so the software WAITS and continues. 

- I did update to the latest MU05 firmware. No change.

- As I said I did a power reset cycle and no problem with BIOS. My BIOS has no power options.



- I did mess around with some Intel Rapid Drivers 1 hour before this happened, but how can this affect the drive when it is external and out of windows.

- I did instal the Curcial Storage Executive just 1 hour before it happened. I poked around the software but nothing major.

- EVEN IF I have corrupted my windows with some Intel Storage driver, how is this related to the drive malfuctioning when it is externally mounted.


I AM OUT OF IDEAS Smiley Sad And this drive contains all the important informatio of our charity organization. Any help will be so much appreciated. I just want to back it up and I do no care if I have to buy a new one.  



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Re: M500 SSD sudden stop / cannot clone/backup. I am gonna cry :(

@kalinusa I am sorry for the delay in reply. I recommend you contact us directly, so we can check into this further and set up a replacement if necessary. Our contact details can be found in my signature. 

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