MX 500 Does not work

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MX 500 Does not work

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MX 500 which I bought through Amazon does not work. I went through the cloning process and every thing worked great. After I installed the SSD sometimes it would allow me to sign in to my computer only to lead to a black screen and sometimes it would only display no boot error. 




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Re: MX 500 Does not work

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues with your newly cloned SSD.  Issues like this can occur from errors during the cloning process or corrupt data being cloned to the new SSD.  I would start troubleshooting by throwing the original drive back into the system and performing a full check disk with repairs.    


Perform Check Disk: 


Once that has been completed, you can try re-cloning the system but with the help of bootable Acronis media this time.  Acronis has a feature built in that will allow us to make a bootable flash drive or CD that can be used to boot outside of Windows and run the clone from this environment.  I will leave you a link below to our instructions that will walk you through creating and using this feature.  This tool has the best chance of getting the clone to work properly on the new Crucial SSD.   If all else fails, we can always attempt a fresh install of Windows to see if the issues lie with the drive, or the image that is being copied to the drive.


Create Bootable Acronis Media: 

Crucial_Ryan, Micron CPG Support, US

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