MX 500 peoblem

Kilobyte Kid

MX 500 peoblem

I recently bougth an MX500 500gb SSD , problem is when i connect it into my desktop pc, the system keep restarting.... without SSD connected all works fine!,, Any Idea??

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Re: MX 500 peoblem

More details are needed to assist you.


What system do you have?


Do you have the 2.5" model or the M.2 model?


How are you connecting the MX500?  


Is the MX500 blank, formatted, cloned or clean install of which OS?


Is this happening just by powering on the system or is it booting and then restarting, or does it happen after it has been booted a while?


As always make sure you have the latest firmware for your system and latest SATA/AHCI drivers.  Sometimes you need to use the OEM drivers from the manufacturer's website and other times the Microsoft drivers are better.


Re: MX 500 peoblem

You can also check for a BIOS update for your motherboard. For some reason, unknow to me, my X99 based motherboard has had similar issue with another SSD model. After performing BIOS update the issue was gone.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: MX 500 peoblem

have a 2.5 SSD model attached in SATA3 , primary or secondary nothing change always reset the machine, windows 10 always boot.. i gert restart while using it. System is 3930k x79 Asus rampage 4 extreme mainboard.

There are no more bios update for my motherboard. I m gettin kernel power error from windows. i have a corsair 850watt PSU.


Re: MX 500 peoblem

Check your power supply connections and use another power supply cable for the SSD.  You should also plug the computer into another power strip or directly into the wall outlet to eliminate a UPS or power strip problem.


Was Win10 cloned or was it a clean install?  


What version of Win10 (for example v1803, v1809, etc.)?


Are your chipset, SATA & AHCI drivers up to date?  


What devices are connected to your computer including drives & GPU.


How long after booting the system does it take before it restarts?  What are you doing at the time of these restarts?


Did this issue start the first time you used the SSD or were you able to use the SSD for some time before the issue began?


Have you made any other hardware changes to the system recently?