MX100 - what causes APM to change?

Kilobyte Kid

MX100 - what causes APM to change?



Recently installed a MX100 256GB into a netbook replacin the old spinning drive.   Reading these forums I noticed that the APM setting is quite important.  I checked the value using CrustalDiskInfo and found the value to be 0001h. I set it to the value 00FEh and continued as normal, recently I did a AS-SSD benchmark and noticed severely degraded results, I checked the APM value and it had reverted to 0001 again.


At this point I put it back to 00FEh and since then it has maintained that setting.  Am just curious as to what may have caused it to downgrade to  0001?


SSD: MX100 256GB Firmware: MU02

OS: Win 10 Home - clean install

Chipset: NM10 

SATA version: 2 (3Gbs)

SATA driver: storahci

Power setting: High performance with min cpu changed to 5% from 100% to allow CPU idle and time out on hard drive set to Never.



Thanks for ant suggestion or info on this subject.



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Re: MX100 - what causes APM to change?

I'm not sure what it's important for?  Mine is whatever default is, and there's not a general recommendation around here to change it.  It might be a troubleshooting thing for something rare?


But IIRC, it's not a setting that survives a reboot.  You need software that resets it each boot.



A quick google suggests you probably want a program called HD Parm in your computers startup.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: MX100 - what causes APM to change?

Thanks targetbsp,


the value seems stable now between reboots without any special software, I think it changed originally when I was messing with the policies tab for the drive in device manager.


Best regards,