MX200 - Boot BCD Error after powering off computer in sleep mode

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MX200 - Boot BCD Error after powering off computer in sleep mode

After switching off my desktop computer which was in sleep mode at the time, I can no longer access the 512GB MX200 main drive.


Booting up the computer gives me a Boot BCD error:


An unexpected I/O error has occured.


The BIOS still sees the drive, but I tried running the Windows recovery tools on that computer, and they cannot access the drive. Nor can Windows access the disk in an external USB enclosure.


I now have the SSD plugged into another computer (via SATA) and while Windows 10 can see the drive, it cannot see any of the contents. The Disk Utilities recognizes it as having a RAW partition, but none of the Windows 10 tools or the Easeus tools can recover the partition or the data on that drive.


I don't know at this stage if the drive itself is salvagable because I don't want do anything to irrevocably delete my data, but is there anything else I can try? Any tools or processes left that might be able to access the data, at the very least? I haven't tried using Linux yet, but that's all I can think of.


Any assistance gratefully accepted.

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Re: MX200 - Boot BCD Error after powering off computer in sleep mode

If you really need to recover the data from the SSD, I would suggest using a professional data recovery service such as Drive Savers.  They provide free estimates and you only pay if they are succcessful at recovering data, plus most manufacturers will still honor the warranty on a drive.    The more you use a possibly failing drive the harder & more expensive it will be to recover data.  I haven't had enough first hand experience with failing SSDs to truly understand how they fail or what is possible with off the shelf recovery tools.


If you don't want to use a professional data recovery service, then Linux is definitely your best chance at understanding the issue and recovering your data.  If you do not have Linux installed on a system, then I recommend using Knoppix and "burning" it to a USB drive with Etcher.  


The first thing I would do is use GNU ddrescue to clone the SSD to another drive or image file (make sure to use the logging feature so you can resume the clone if necessary).   Then you can use other tools such as "testdisk" to fix the filesystem on the image or cloned drive leaving the source as intact as possible.  



You may want to post the SMART Attributes for the SSD.  You should check the Linux log files to check on communication with your SSD and any possible errors as that might assist in understanding what is happening to the SSD.  Connecting the SSD with USB after Linux boots makes it easier to read the log entries for the SSD as they will be at the end of the log.


If you need assistance doing any of this let me know and I will provide some instructions.


Good luck and please let us know how you make out.


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Re: MX200 - Boot BCD Error after powering off computer in sleep mode

Thank you so much for the pointers you gave, HWTech. Much appreciated!


Regarding professional data recovery, fortunately, I do keep backups of the most critical files, so that won't be necessary. What I didn't have (to my regret) is a full backup of the drive, and I am hoping to avoid the pain of having to rebuild my main desktop system, which included my main development environment. Lesson learned, I guess Smiley Happy


Thanks for the information on using Linux to probe the drive. I know it's probably a lost cause at this stage, but I do want to exhaust all the possibilities before biting the bullet and reinstalling. I'll have a go and let you know what happens.


The firmware level is one behind, but looking at the MU05 information, it doesn't look as though upgrading will help. I will do it anyway, if the Linux based recovery fails.


Finally, here are the SMART values of the drive, as read by Crucial's Storage Executive, below. The "Retired NAND Blocks" value has exceeded the threshold, which I'm guessing isn't a good sign, though it's showing zero? 


Drive1 - Exceeded SMART Threshold
Exceeded SMART Thresholds:
ID Description
5Retired NAND Blocks
ID Description Attribute Data Units
1Raw Read Error Rate119Errors/Page
5Retired NAND Blocks0NAND Blocks
9Power On Hours Count3929Hours
12Power Cycle Count1581Cycles
171Program Fail Count0NAND Page Program Failures
172Erase Fail Count0NAND Block Erase Failures
173Average Block-Erase Count76Erases
174Unexpected Power Loss Count122Unexpected Power Loss events
180Unused reserved block count5578Blocks
183SATA Interface Downshift0Downshifts
184Error Correction Count0Correction Events
187Reported Uncorrectable Errors0ECC Correction Failures
194Enclosure Temperature35Current Temperature (C)
 55Highest Lifetime Temperature (C)
196Reallocation Event Count0Events
197Current Pending Sector Count0512 Byte Sectors
198SMART Off-line Scan Uncorrectable Errors0Errors
199Ultra-DMA CRC Error Count12Errors
202Percentage Lifetime Used3% Lifetime Used
206Write Error Rate0Program Fails/MB
210RAIN Successful Recovery Page Count0TUs successfully recovered by RAIN
246Cumulative Host Write Sector Count26620582142512 Byte Sectors
247Host Program Page Count834538072NAND Page
248FTL Program Page Count835447807NAND Page
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Re: MX200 - Boot BCD Error after powering off computer in sleep mode

Update: I'm using the System Rescue Live CD version of Linux, and the disktest tool finds the missing partitions no problem at all. I'm in the process of finding enough free space to back up the partition before making an attempt to fix the MBR, but at the very least it looks as though all the files are recoverable. Woohoo!


Re: MX200 - Boot BCD Error after powering off computer in sleep mode

Good to hear! 


The SMART status error doesn't really match up with the reported SMART attributes since you still have most of your Reserved Blocks still available.  After retrieving your data and updating the firmware on the SSD, I would suggest you perform a Secure Erase to reset the SSD.  I have resolved some SSD issues this way.  Then run some tests on it and recheck the SMART attributes & status.  Hopefully you will be able to continue using the SSD.


Please keep us updated.

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Re: MX200 - Boot BCD Error after powering off computer in sleep mode

Well, I guess I may have missed my chance at reviving the drive. After a long time powered on yesterday, I could no longer read anything from it reliably, so turned off for the night. Today, it was reliably readable again (via Linux only) but the Crucial utilities can no longer see the drive, and there are errors when running parted, gparted, etc.


I've tried various tools (parted, testdisk, fdisk, gdisk, sfdisk, hdparm) to delete the partitions, some giving errors, others claiming success, but upon reboot, everything is still as it was. Nothing's changed -- as though the drive is in read-only mode. Windows still sees it as a RAW partition, but can't do anything with it.


I haven't tried diskpart under Windows 10 yet -- will try again after leaving it powered off for a while -- but not hopeful at this stage. Unless something changes tomorrow, or there is a lowlevel tool that can force a full reset I don't know about, I guess I'm looking at an RMA.


Edit: Diskpart doesn't work either, even though it reports the disk as not read-only. I think the drive is well and truly toast.


Further Edit: No joy. Crucial's Storage Executive managed to see the drive today. Performed a "Sanitize Drive" on it, but it's still running several hours later.


Thanks for the assistance, but methinks the drive is kaput. I have a Crucial m4 drive that died after an unexpected power loss, only to revive almost a year later after a final power cycling attempt before RMAing, but I fear this one is headed back to the factory for a replacement.