MX200 - Momentum Cache Questions?

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MX200 - Momentum Cache Questions?

So, I finally installed the new Crucial Storage Executive, which is a great improvement over the old version running as a localhost web-site, and saw this new feature called "Momentum Cache".


Now a Google search for "momentum cache crucial" did pull up the FAQ on this site; however, something that majorly stuck out to me was this: Momentum Cache will use up to 25% of available system memory, though no more than 4GB.


Now, I am running on a laptop with only 6GB of DDR3 RAM, so the amount of system memory kind of worries me as to the overall performance of my PC. If using up to 25% is unlikely in most situations I think a wording of "can (or could) use up to 25%" would be a better way to state this.


So, I guess I am wondering how likely is it to use THAT much RAM and has anyone actually enabled this feature and what performance degradation or increase have they seen in overall performance? How intrusive is this feature and how much RAM are we expected to see used in non-write states?

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Re: MX200 - Momentum Cache Questions?

It's a RAM caching feature. It's going to work better the more RAM it can use so it's going to use as much free RAM as it can up to the defined limits.  (And it already says 'up to' ? )


Windows already works in much the same way.  See task manager -> performance -> memory -> cached.  It will cache data as long as there is free RAM to do so and reduce the cache if you have a more pressing need for the RAM.



For performance, it's essential to have enough physical RAM for the programs you run.  But likewise, it's pointless having unused RAM if it could be put to someother purpose such as caching.

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Bit Baby

Re: MX200 - Momentum Cache Questions?

I don't know if this will help at all, however I did get an extra 500 mbs Read and write after enabling it with 8gb ram. As far as how much it uses, I havent gotten more than 1gb or so, even when doing large file transfers