MX200 SSD freezing for a few seconds

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MX200 SSD freezing for a few seconds

Dear all,



It's been 3 months since I got a MX200 500gb and only now I got this freezing issue.


Sometimes when I'm watching videos, playing some video games, my PC definetely freezes for like 1, 2 seconds, sometimes it freezes for 5, 6 seconds and then it gets back working "normaly" (if I can call that normal).


Would you guys have any idea what may be the cause of that?


I already checked my drive health with Crucial Storage Executive Client and it says everything is OK.


Thanks for your kind attention and waiting for your soonest reply,



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Re: MX200 SSD freezing for a few seconds

Hi jmpmarques,


I believe that such freezing can be caused by bad SATA cable or improper storage driver (at least that is what I saw on few systems with the drivers that were too old). 

Cable issues can be checked with drive's SMART data - you can get this information with CrystalDiskInfo, use 'Edit > Copy' option, just please remove drive's serial number before posting the data.

As for the driver version you can check it with Device manager -> IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers (or Storage Controllers) -> right click on the selected controller -> Properties -> Driver tab. Also post the exact model of your motherboard/notebook, please.

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Re: MX200 SSD freezing for a few seconds

Get ready to make an RMA...


It hapenned to me already 2 times, so this is my 3RD MX200.


The last one is starting to do it again after couple of months... I won't buy anything from Crucial anymore. It's not normal this happening 3 times in a £150 component (512GB model). I've a Kingston Savage 960GB and I never had problems. I use the crucial just for the OS so I know I don't loose any important data.


My advice: Save as much information as you can before it happens...

Bit Baby

Re: MX200 SSD freezing for a few seconds

I don't know what happened but after the last firmware update, everything seems to be "ok" (for now).


Anyway, I appreciate your attention and help, friend.