MX300 Firmware throughput drop

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MX300 Firmware throughput drop



I recently assembled a new 9900K + 2080Ti based system and just installed my 1TB MX300 (purchased 10/16). Immediately I began benchmarking the drive and noticed a small but consistent 5~10% performance drop relative to my 3930K based PC. Both PC are Windows 10, utilizing AHCI and SATA 3 6Gb/s, both connected directly to an Intel controller. I changed a few Windows settings on the 9900K PC and was able to reclaim a small bit of the performance lost, but was unsatisfied. I looked for updated firmware and installed the Crucial Storage Executive utility. It showed my firmware as out dated (I didn't catch what firmware was running prior to the upgrade) and so I updated the firmware.


I benchmarked the drive immediately prior to the firmware upgrade, and immediately after. To my surprise, performance dropped significantly. 4KiB Random throughput was hit the worse, with approximately 30% less throughput. I rebooted the system and checked my windows settings; drive speeds mostly recovered to pre-update levels except for 4KiB Q32T1 throughput, which is still down 30%. Benchmarks and SMART included in the .png


Is the firmware working as intended? I ran Windows SSD optimization tool as well as emptied the recycle bin with no change to throughput. I've only once had a firmware update result in worse performance (Fresco USB) so I can't imagine this is working as intended.



MX300 FW updated_p2.png


MX300 FW updated_p1.png


Other info:

Windows 10 Pro x64

Asrock Taichi z390

9900K MCE, HT Enabled


Disk Drive power management Disabled

M.2 Samsung 500GB 970 Evo

IRST installed

MX300 is aligned

MX300 Bytes Per Cluster 65536


*The Taichi z390 M.2_1 slot shares lanes with SATA_0 and SATA_1, MX300 is connected to SATA_2 and 970 Evo to M.2_1. SATA_0 through SATA_5 are connected to the Intel controller.