MX300 and MacOS High Sierra boot failures

Kilobyte Kid

MX300 and MacOS High Sierra boot failures

I have suddenly experienced boot failures with High Sierra APFS and my MX300. (MacBook Pro Mid 2012, 16GB Ram, 525GB Crucial MX300)
It began with reboots showing the forbidden circle/slash picture, then on later boots even the missing folder icon. One boot attempt in 10 or more would actually proceed....

I enabled verbose boot messages and found there were kernel read problems. The SSD is only 2 months old so I am sure it is MacOS at issue with the non-Apple drive....  (OK the drive is firmware version 40 but that will also be updated)
For now I am restoring back to Sierra 10.12 to see if that is more reliable.

Anyone else with problems? Our friend Google seems to indicate this may be an issue......



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Re: MX300 and MacOS High Sierra boot failures

@Flyingkiwi I am sorry for the issues that you have experienced with your drive. At this time I think it may be best for you to contact us directly, so that we can troubleshoot more in depth. Our contact information can be found in my signature. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: MX300 and MacOS High Sierra boot failures

Both my 1TB SSD Crucial drives, MX300 & MX500 seem to be playing very well with High Sierra and the APFS file system. My 2 other OWC SSD's will not run with APFS and will un-mount by themselves after a short time..  I use a 4 drive bay Mac Pro 5.1 so changing drives and cloning is fairly easy...  


Re: MX300 and MacOS High Sierra boot failures



If you have a 13" model, there is a very strong possibility the hard drive cable on your laptop is bad.   For a while Apple was replacing them for free, but this special program is over for most people now.  I've personally seen many odd issues with the 13" (mid 2012) model when these cables fail and every time the behavior is different.  If you have the 13" model I would definitely get the hard drive cable replaced right away as it does not cost very much for the part and I've seen lots of them fail.



If you have the 15" model or have already done the above, then I would definitely upgrade the SSD firmware as I've had issues with these MX300 SSDs behaving oddly with M0CR040 and earlier firmware.   (Bad blocks not reallocating and SMART self test failing with errors.)  I would also suggest doing an ATA Secure Erase on the SSD as well after you update the firmware.    This combination got several of our MX300 SSDs working properly again.  The ATA Secure Erase is basicly a reset and erase of the SSD so make sure you back up your data first.  As far as I know the Secure Erase is only possible when booted to Linux as I've never seen any other free option.


If you still have the issue, I would suggest doing a clean install of OSX since it may have been corrupted by the cable.



If none of these things work, it would be useful to boot to an external drive so you could run the "smartctl" program to view the internal SMART attributes of the SSD and run internal self tests on it as well.   There is an OSX command line version and several GUI options as well.   Another option would be to download Knoppix Live Linux distro and "burn" it to CD or USB drive as it includes the command line version and it will boot your laptop.


Silicon Sultan

Re: MX300 and MacOS High Sierra boot failures