MX300 available space wrong in macOS?

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MX300 available space wrong in macOS?

In macOS Sierra 10.12.6, in Disk Utility, my MX300 525GB model is showing as actually having 525.11 GB of available space. This seems much higher than it should be. I have the same model SSD in another Windows PC and usable space is only 488, as expected, and as I've read it should be. Is this a problem?

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Re: MX300 available space wrong in macOS?

Windows still treats 1KB as 1024 despite the standard for 1 kilobyte being defined as 1000 since 1998.  Drive manufacturers, at least some Linux based operating systems (and presumably Apple based upon what you are saying!) treat 1K as 1000.



And no, it's not a problem. Smiley Happy

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