MX300 can't boot windows

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MX300 can't boot windows


I formatted and installed a new copy of windows in my MX300 but accidently i formatted the whole SSD with all the partiotions, so now the SSD is recognised by the BIOS but windows won't boot from it, only when the BOOT disk of the windows is still plugged(DOK in my case) windows is booting.

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Re: MX300 can't boot windows

Are you saying it will boot the Windows installation if your Windows installer disk is connected to the computer?  If so, boot to the Windows installer, then click "Repair this Computer" link in the lower left after selecting your language in the Windows installer.  I think you then select Troubleshooting, then select Advanced, then Startup Repair which should automatically check for boot issues and repair them for you.


If I'm misunderstanding please clarify if you modified the partitions after Windows was installed or is the issue because of the way you partitioned the drive before installing Windows?   How did you create or modify the partitions and can you give us a list of the partitions with their type & formatted filesystems and labels?  


Is the drive partitioned as MBR or GPT?   Did your new Windows installation ever boot on its own?  Is there only one OS on this system?   If you modified partitions after Windows was installed, you might find it easier to just reinstall Windows depending on your setup.


Re: MX300 can't boot windows

I'm sorry, I don't really understand.

You are allowed to erase the whole drive you are installing Windows to.

If Windows setup sees an existing install on another drive, it will use that drives boot partition.  Is that your problem?  If so, you should unplug other such drives prior to installing WIndows if you don't want that.

I don't know what DOK means.

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