MX300 is only drive Windows 10 not booting

Kilobyte Kid

MX300 is only drive Windows 10 not booting

Dell Inspiron 24-3455 PC has only one HDD SATA bay and no M2 option.

My OEM toshiba HDD died but my files saved off external drive so I was eager to do a full clean Windows 10 install using my Dell USB. That didn’t work so ordered my Dell Windows 10 DVD.

BIOS recognized the MX300 with all details.

I did diskpart and clean to make sure any gunk was removed from the failed USB install. DVD Install ran fine up to about 82% and then I got “A configuration change was requested to clear the TPM......”. I cleared that but it bounced me back to the Dell SupportAssist because Windows could all of a sudden not see the MX300 and then said “no bootable devices”.

I have a backup Toshiba 256GB HDD and did it all over again and Windows installed. What needs to be done that’s unique to the SSD? I initialzed it too btw using my laptop since this PC didn’t work.

Again I did a factory reset and windows 10 install on a spare HDD but can’t get that to repeat on the MX300. Thanks
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Silicon Sultan

Re: MX300 is only drive Windows 10 not booting

The first thing I would try is downloading the Windows media creation tool, and making your own usb installer (try using non Sandisk USB flash drives for this, or use the tool to download an iso of Win10, and use Rufus tool to create the installer on any brand USB drive). Can you disable your TPM in UEFI/Bios? Dell can be kind of funny re the TPM/recognizing certain brands of ssd. Best of luck.

PS; diskpart/clean is not the best for ssds. The gunk, or unwanted data,is still occupying the nand, and you will be causing write amplification on the drive. A secure erase is recommended for reinstalling any os on an ssd.