MX500 500GB disc damage not able to run diskscan

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MX500 500GB disc damage not able to run diskscan

Hi all

I have the mx500 500gb ssd and it has been working great over the last few months since i bought it .

But it now crashed while playing a facebook game and i have many problems starting the pc ,I have to skip running diskscan

to get into the drive.

when i rerun diskscan it comes up with error code 0xc000025 and if i run fix it now the pc will restart and freeze on the loading screen.

I bought the drive 2 months ago and as i said its been working fine until now.

Does anyone have an idea as to what the problems might be or know of a product better than diskscan .

my mobo is Asus H81-plus i7 4970k cpu 16gig ram 

many thanx if you can help in any way 





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Re: MX500 500GB disc damage not able to run diskscan

Is the "diskscan" the Microsoft scan after a system crash?   Sorry, I'm not a Windows user anymore so I am a bit hazy on some things.


Are you able to boot into the Advanced Windows boot menu to Troubleshoot and repair Windows?  On older versions of Windows it was accessible by pressing F8 just before Windows boots (timing it is difficult), but I believe this was removed in Win10 and it can only be accessed in the Settings app under Troubleshooting IIRC.  If not, boot a Windows installer and click on the "Repair this computer" link.  With either method go to "Troubleshooting --> Advanced --> Startup Repair".   This will automatically try to fix any boot issues.


If it doesn't work, go back into the Advanced Boot menu/installer and choose "Command Prompt" instead of Startup Repair.  Run chkdsk on the drive, followed by either "sfc /scannow" or "dism" to check system file integrity.  You will need to research how to use the "dism" command as I wasn't able to make it work the last time I tried to use it.   


You should also create a bootable USB  anti-virus drive to scan your system.  Several anti-virus vendors provide downloadable AV in ISO format to create a bootable USB  drive.  Some will prompt you on what to do when it finds something bad, but others will automatically quarantine or repair the problem.   I believe BitDefender, Kaspersky, Comodo (or whatever might be its new name), AVG provide ISO images, although they may be difficult to locate on their sites.  Try Googling "Antivrius rescue disk", or something like that.