MX500 M.2 is not detected anymore

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MX500 M.2 is not detected anymore


Last week I bought a 1TB Crucial MX500 M.2 drive because I needed the extra space. Replacing and installing it went fine and I had not problems for about a week. But then suddenly It wasn't recognized anymore. Not in the BIOS or disk management. I tried the 'power cycle' trick to try and get it to work again, but unfortunately that didn't do anything. 

I've looked around a little, but can't find any other solutions to this. Hopefully someone can help.




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Re: MX500 M.2 is not detected anymore

Did you make any other changes to your system?  Many systems share the M.2 connector with another SATA port.  Is it possible you may have connected another SATA drive to the shared port?


Is there a setting in the BIOS for enabling the M.2 connector?  If so, try toggling it off, Save the Setting, maybe even reboot the system back into the BIOS and turn it on again, followed by another reboot to make sure the system scans for M.2 drives. 


If your BIOS is using any non-default settings, make sure you save them or at least note them down.  Then reset the BIOS to defaults (or optimized defaults).   A reboot here may be in order as well.  Make sure to check the M.2 is enabled if such a setting exists.  If MX500 still isn't seen, then try removing all power including the CMOS battery.   Check to make sure your system doesn't include another proprietary method to reset itself (I found a Dell laptop had such an option once).


Do you have another system you could install the M.2 drive to see if it can be seen by the BIOS?   Or perhaps a SATA M.2 adapter/enclosure?


Is your motherboard firmware up to date?

Kilobyte Kid

Re: MX500 M.2 is not detected anymore

No, I didn't change anything. There is another drive in my laptop, but that is connected to a different SATA port. It doesn't seem like there is anything else connected to this port.


Unfortunately I don't see any option to enable the M.2 connector in my BIOS. I did reset the BIOS by taking out the battery, but that did nothing. Updating the BIOS to the newest version also didn't help. 

There is no other system that has the same port for installing the drive, but I'm looking for a USB adapter to try it that way. I have little hope for that though, because my port seems to work fine.