MX500 SSD m.2 1TB not detected anymore

Kilobyte Kid

MX500 SSD m.2 1TB not detected anymore

I'm using this SSD normally until I just did some stupid things. I went to properties of this drive in Windows and uncheck the option "Allow file on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties" and immediately all files are gone. After I restart the system the SSD disappeared and the LED on the SSD shows solid green all time. I went to BIOS but it doesn't detect the SSD anymore. I tried to switch to other M.2 slot but nothing changed.


My rig:
MSI Z390 Gaming Edge (latest BIOS)

Samsung SSD SM951 128GB M.2

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Re: MX500 SSD m.2 1TB not detected anymore

It's an option only and switching it shouldn't affect any drive this way. Also in any case it shouldn't affect the BIOS ability to see the drive.

Try to carefully insert the drive into original M.2 slot, make sure it is seated correctly.

You can also try to give the drive some idle time in BIOS - this trick were working for some older Crucial SSDs so it is worth giving a try, I think -

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: MX500 SSD m.2 1TB not detected anymore

I did boot to BIOS and wait but nothing changed. I dont have any other system or adapter to test. All I want to know is why the LED on the SSD always shows solid green. Is that a noti for an issue or what else?