MX500 clone, no sound.

Kilobyte Kid

MX500 clone, no sound.



After cloning my HDD to my MX500 without issue, I have no sound.  The speaker icon in the toolbar has a red X on it, and on mouseover it says No Audio Output Device is installed.  All of the audio devices are connected and functioning, and my sound is not on mute, so let's get that out of the way.  If I reconnect my old HDD, the sound works fine.  As soon as I restart with the SSD connected, the sound is gone.  So this problem is definitely isolated to the SSD, despite the logical thought that it's a sound card issue.


Be aware this is a clone, not a new install.  Windows is updated and works fine, no issues on the HDD.  I have now cloned this drive three separate times and each time I have no sound, and each time I get the No Audio Device Installed notifications.




Hopefully one of you pros can help.  I can't see a fourth cloning attempt as fixing the problem.

I have tried installing new drivers, but that doesn't fix the problem.  There is no audio output device installed or recognized (even though there is one).

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Crucial Employee

Re: MX500 clone, no sound.

You can go into device manager then try to unistall any audio device option you see. After you do, restart the system, and Windows will reinstall the audio drivers. If this does not resolve the issue try and get the audio driver for your computer/motherboard from the system manufacturer and install it.

The last option which should certainly resolve the issue is creating a USB bootable version of Acronis, then using that to clone. There are Windows services which are preventing the audio configuration from getting cloned over correctly, so the only sound way to fix the problem is cloning outside of Windows.

Let me know if this doesn't do the trick.

Crucial_Benny, Micron CPG Support, US

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Bit Baby

Re: MX500 clone, no sound.

I also have this issue - on 2 different laptops with 2 different OS versions and 2 different MX500 drives. I have cloned the disks from outside of the windows environment using a boot disk - but the problem remains.

Bit Baby

Re: MX500 clone, no sound.

I've got the same problem. I bought 2 MX500 SSD drives to upgrade 2 laptops. After cloning the drives I have no sound on either laptop. I have also tried cloning the drives from outside of windows using the boot disk as described. This has not helped - the problem on both laptops remains.


Re: MX500 clone, no sound.

@stien Have you tried reinstalling the audio drivers as suggested by Crucial_Benny?   You may want to remove the existing audio driver before intalling the new one.


FYI, most clones are not necessarily an identical copy of the orginal as the cloning software only copy actual files and some software hide pieces of itself in "unused" areas of a drive that the cloning access does not access.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: MX500 clone, no sound.

I cloned a 500 Gb HDD on my HP 15 d090nr Win 7 Home premium 64 bit laptop yesterday and experienced the same issue with sound devices being non-operational.  I used device manager to automatically search for and reinstall Realtek High Definition Audio drivers, which had previously been installed on my laptop.  Built-in and external speakers are back to working as usual.  There was nothing in the Event Log indicating anything unusual regarding sound drivers getting uninstalled.

System now boots from totally off to 'enter your password' in about 11 seconds instead of 1 - 2 minutes.  I no longer bother to put my system to sleep or hibernate...  Smiley Happy

Bit Baby

Re: MX500 clone, no sound.

I had this problem with 2 computers that I upgraded with cloned MX500 drives. Both are about 9 years old. One an HP notebook, the other a desktop with an ASUS P6T motherboard. Both are running WIN 10. Here are the steps I eventually tried to fix the problem in WIN 10.

1. DO NOT download any drivers.

2. Open Device Manager ( press windows button and X. Select Device Manager)

3. If you have the above problem, there is no SOUND, VIDEO and GAME CONTROLLERS in the device list.

4. Expand 'System Device' and search for a sound device that is in error. Hopefully you locate this.

5. Right Click and select 'PROPERTIES'.

6. Select 'DRIVER' tab.

7. Select 'Update Driver'.

8. Select 'Browse my computer for driver software'

9. Select 'Let me pick from list of available drivers on my computer'.

10. It should quickly return with a list of drivers.

11. Select your sound card driver and complete whatever prompts appear.

12. Within seconds your missing 'SOUND, VIDEO and GAME CONTROLLERS' should appear and the speaker in tray (bottom right) will now be functional.


Hope that works as it did for me.


Kilobyte Kid

Re: MX500 clone, no sound.

I to have the problem of no sound after cloning a new MX500 in my Acer Aspire E572P.

I have followed all the steps in this blog but the problem still exists.

The speaker at the bottom of the screen has the red cross in it saying no Audio Output Device is installed. I Run troubleshooter and it tells me ‘Realtek High Definition Audio Driver has a problem. Not Fixed’

In Device Manager, Realtek High Definition Audio has a yellow triangle and is telling me 'The Device cannot start (code10). The Request is not supported"

I added a new driver ‘Intel WIDI Audio Device” to Sound Video and Game controllers, in Device manager, and the yellow triangle disappears from the speaker in the notification area but I still have no sound.

High Definition Audio Controller under System Devices also has the yellow triangle. In Properties, it tells me 'A Driver(Service) for this device has been Disabled. An Alternative Service may be providing this Functionality. (code 32)'

This is driving me mad as the computer is running fantastic with the new SSD apart from this small glitch.

Someone, please help.





Re: MX500 clone, no sound.

@Robert203  Did you remove & delete the existing audio driver & reboot before attempting to install the next driver?  I recently had an issue with Realtek HD Audio and each driver ended up affecting the other one even when deleting them.  I also downloaded software direct from Realtek, but I'm not certain it is actually a driver or just codecs.  It seemed to change the driver date & version in Device Manager.   My issue was with sound quality, not a deactivated driver, but getting each driver working was a pain as they seemed to leave something behind which interfered with each other.


If you boot from a Windows installer, try to see if you can reinstall Windows without deleting your documents.  Depending on your setup this may work or Windows may not allow it.


If you also tried cloning using an Acronis USB boot drive and the audio is still broken, then I would suggest trying some other cloning software.   Clonezilla and Macrium Reflect are two free options, but might require extra work if your two drives are different sizes.    Or you may want to do a clean install of Windows.   I really don't know why the Realtek Audio drivers are having such a problem.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: MX500 clone, no sound.

I tried the reply above from RustyG. I must have missed this post the first time.

This solved the problem perfectly.

Thanks RustyG.