MX500 new user advice needed

Bit Baby

MX500 new user advice needed

Hi.  I have just upgraded my HP ProBokk 455 G2 with an MX500 and Windows 10 and so far the results exceed expectations, but I have a few queries about CSE and would appreciate advice.  I used Macrium Reflect to restore a previously archived hard disc image - very successful.

1.  CSE tells me I need to update the firmware to M3CR023 from M3CR022.  But when I follow the procedure I get the message that the update has been successful, but the firmware is still shown as version M3CR022.  Is there a labelling bug in the new firmware or what?  I have tried this more than once.

2.  I have a yellow warning about the desirability of 'Disabling 8.3 Filename Creation'.  Some of the software and data I am using is old (vintage Office versions for example) but fully functional and I am not prepared to break it.  Does the warning really matter and if so how do I proceed without breaking anything?

3.  Over Provisioning will not start.  I suspect this is because the last partion (ESmiley Happy on my drive is an 'HP Tools' one which for whatever reason is formatted in FAT32.  Surely there should be a workaround for this as the drive is supposed to be an end-user product, not one requiring a system rebuild with all the consequences!  Advice on this much appreciated to stop me wasting more time.


Many thanks in anticipation.

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Re: MX500 new user advice needed

1) Not sure. Mine shipped with the new version pre-installed.  The update version is brand new so kinda early to know of any issues!

2) Just leave 8.3 on if you need it. it'll make little difference.

3) Overprovisioning does have to be set on the last partition.  To be honest, I would argue the kind of person interested in overprovisioning is already likely to be a power user.  It's highly unlikely an average user would care for it - or even know it's even a thing!  One alternative would be to resize the partition before HPT Tools, move HP Tools earlier on the disk to free up space at the end for overprovision.  

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Bit Baby

Re: MX500 new user advice needed

Thanks for that advice.  May I suggest that Crucial should split out the Power user features in an 'Advanced' group so that Normal users don't get worried about not invoking features that are unlikely to concern them.  The 8.3 thing was a real worry until I received your advice, and I wasted quite a lot of time trying to educate myself in something of little real value.

But the SSD performance is great and I highly recommend the product.


Re: MX500 new user advice needed

@Mr_Duck  You may want to post your suggestion here.