MX500 temperatures

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MX500 temperatures

Recently got a 1TB MX500 which is excellent in terms of performance although the temperature behaviour is a little odd. I was just wondering if this is normal?


For instance, in the same location with the same ambient temperature the Crucial MX500 idles over 10C higher than a 1TB MX300. Idle is currently 38C on the MX500.


Using light loads (like an idle virtual machine) the MX500 will jump in temperature and fluctuate 38C-50C whereas the MX300 stays below 35C and is consistent.


Finally, under heavy write today the Crucial MX500 reached 65C in a well ventilated desktop. I did the exact same test on the MX300 where it peaked at 45C. Intrestingly the temperature gradually builds at a gentle pace on the MX300 and then 'hits a wall' but on the MX500 it aggressively shoots up and seemed to keep increasing until the write finished. I’m concerned that on a hot day it could push the MX500 over the 70C mark.


I have used a range of different SSDs from different manufacturers over the years but never really seen one (in 2.5" form factor) to run as hot as the Crucial or just have inconsistent temperatures.


I understand that the operating temperature of this SSD is 0-70C and technically it is within safe limits however compared to my other models it seems to be a bit toasty and erratic. Really I just wanted to ask if this is normal and what everyone else is seeing or if it's possible a thermal pad or something could be poorly aligned, loose or something.


Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Re: MX500 temperatures

I can't comment on the drive personally but as you say, it's within spec.  Like all modern performance electronics (CPU's GPU's etc) they throttle to cool down if they get too hot.


On paper, the MX500 uses a different controller to the MX300 so wouldn't really be comparable.  It also uses 64 later NAND vs 32 and the increased desnity of electrical components is presumably hotter.  The drive is also faster which, again, usually equates to more heat.


Hopefully someone else with both drives can comment. Smiley Happy

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Bit Baby

Re: MX500 temperatures

Thanks for your response.


I also have a Samsung 860 EVO 1TB sitting here with me which shows a similar story to the MX300 with the temperatures. Idles significantly lower and light loads don't increase much over idle. Just seems more consistent.


I repeated the test on the MX500, 300 and 860 but the MX500 doesn't seem to hit that wall other drives do. The EVO for example topped out at 42C in a 32GB write about half way through then hovered there whereas the MX500 kept climbing until the write was over. Increasing the write makes it hotter whilst having no effect on the EVO.


I’ve also seen a review which stated that the MX500 1TB, outside of it’s case, reached a maximum of 50C on the controller in there heavy write test and they mentioned it would be likely for it to be cooler when in the enclosure, which initially sparked my interest in the temperatures.


Maybe I'm just overthinking it. I'm just concerned that routinely allowing it to reach high temperatures will be detrimental to it's lifespan and the erratic behaviour of the temperature isn't something I've usually seen on a SSD.


Although ironically I’m probably doing more harm writing to it worrying about the temperatures than the actual temperatures themselves Smiley Happy


Thanks again for your reply.