MacBook Pro, MX500, High Fans

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MacBook Pro, MX500, High Fans

Replaced my stock 500GB hard drive on my early 2011 MacBook Pro with a 1TB MX500.


Upon booting up it was like a new computer.  So fast, so awesome.  But then I noticed the fans were running at full speed.  I then did the following:

  • Reset PRAM
  • Reset SMU
  • Partitioned the drive and created a new partition with a clean install...installed original Lion version of MacOS.  After doing this I noticed the fans were still spinning at full speed.  I went through the upgrade cycle and upgraded all the way to High Sierra.  The clean install was running the same as the cloned install.  Fans at full speed.
  • I downloaded the firmware update but didn’t seem to help.

I’d rather not buy a Samsung SSD to swap out and return the MX500 so I thought I’d post here.  Any other thoughts?

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Re: MacBook Pro, MX500, High Fans

Run the Apple Hardware Test.


Perform an Option boot by holding the Option key just after the startup chime.  Does the fan(s) run at high speed at the Apple boot picker menu?


If you have the 15" model, it is possible you are encountering the NVidia GPU issue.