Momentum Cache Bug Report (DPC Latency)

Bit Baby

Re: Momentum Cache Bug Report (DPC Latency)

+1 Momentum Cache increases latency making my computer impossible to use as dj player. With momentum cache enabled "storport.sys" continuosly generating spikes of high DPC. Deactivating momentum cache solves the problem.


Updated Intel 8 Series chipset Family SATA HCI  to with a little improvement but stills spikes of high DPC.


Operating System
    Windows 10 Home 64-bit
    Intel Core i7 4710HQ @ 2.50GHz    68 °C
    Haswell 22nm Technology
    16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)
    HP LA2306 (1920x1080@60Hz)
    HP LA2306 (1920x1080@60Hz)
    Intel HD Graphics 4600 (ASUStek Computer Inc)
    2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M (ASUStek Computer Inc)    61 °C
    ForceWare version: 378.92
    SLI Disabled
    698GB Crucial_CT750MX300SSD1 (SSD)    41 °C

Optical Drives
    TSSTcorp CDDVDW SU-228FB
    Realtek High Definition Audio

Bit Baby

Re: Momentum Cache Bug Report (DPC Latency)

Is this momentum cache bug with high dpc latency fixed yet?

Bit Baby

Re: Momentum Cache Bug Report (DPC Latency)

any updates on this issue yet crucial?

**bleep** it!

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Momentum Cache Bug Report (DPC Latency)

crucial can't fix an issue that doesn't exist


attach your system details and bios configurations if you want crucial to look at it.

Bit Baby

Re: Momentum Cache Bug Report (DPC Latency)

I have the same issue on the latest version of Windows 10. All my drivers are updated to their latest versions, and the momentum cache (3.43.032017.05) frequently gives huge spikes in storport.sys (and sometimes wdf01000.sys).

Re: Momentum Cache Bug Report (DPC Latency)

I too am having audio problems with Windows 10 Home 64 and momentum cache.


I get pops and glitches at random moments.  It happens with every output, HDMI, onboard audio and even asynchronous USB Audio.


So I have to disable momentum cache. 

Bit Baby

Re: Momentum Cache Bug Report (DPC Latency)

It is now February 2019 and I have just installed a lovely 2Tb Crucial MX500 SSD drive and I can indeed confirm that the Momentum Cache Bug Report (DPC Latency)

is still very much alive and well.


When I installed my drive I enabled momentum cache and was going mad trying to find the reason that my audio playback was stuttering and popping.

Through a process of elimination I traced it to a problem with the Momentum Cache which is now switched off and I have normal audio playback.


This seems to be a long standing bug that we are suffering from and by the looks of it, one that Crucial are not interested in fixing!


Bit Baby

Re: Momentum Cache Bug Report (DPC Latency)

It's 9.04.2019 - momentum cache bug with high dpc latency is still not fixed. 

I stop recommending Crucial discs to my clients and friends. I also do not want to buy anything from you.

Crucial Employee

Re: Momentum Cache Bug Report (DPC Latency)

Just want to let people know I reported this potential issue to our team some months ago. They have been unable to reproduce any DPC latency problems with previous or the latest version of Storage Executive even with similar hardware setups.

This makes me think there is something unique about the systems having these problems, perhaps a particular driver, or maybe non-Crucial memory, certain CPU combination, etc.

We'll continue to try to investigate this issue, but if we're unable to produce the same problems in the lab, there won't be much we can do. If anyone replies to this thread please provide as much system details as you can ie: Motherboard, CPU, memory, Windows version, BIOS revision etc, so this information can be forwarded to our software team.



Crucial_Benny, Micron CPG Support, US

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Bit Baby

Re: Momentum Cache Bug Report (DPC Latency)

I originally reported this issue - 3.5 years ago. And now you're asking for user specs :-)

Anyway, I just gave it another try; the hardware of my system has not changed except for a new GPU and additional SSD drives but I'm now running Windows 10 x64 1809 and of course numerous drivers have been updated.

So far I have NOT encountered any problems like before. No dropouts, no latency spikes, no blue screens. I'll keep momentum cache active for now and will report back if anything unusual should happen.


Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 // Driver Version:

Audio device: Realtek Digital Output

RAM: 32723 Mb (G.Skill Ares DDR3-2400)

Mainboard:ASRock Z97 Extreme4 Intel Z97 So.1150 Dual Channel DDR3 ATX Retail (BIOS 2.60)

Intel Rapid Storage Driver: