Momentum Cache Restarting

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Momentum Cache Restarting

New MX 525GB Windows 10 64-bit, drive migrated system nonproblem. Turned on Momentum Cache and system stays at Restarting for at least an hour.
I hard reset the system and upon reboot, the Start Menu was corrupt according to Windows 10 Critical Error.

Can anyone say how long this reboot should take?
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Re: Momentum Cache Restarting

It shouldn't really take any longer at all.  It's just a reboot so the service can begin on system start or something.  It's not 'doing anything' so to speak that you'd especially have to wait for.


Note: the nature of RAM caching software is that a crash has the potential to be hazardous to your data. This is why it insists you have a UPS to use it.  So you were pretty unlucky to get one whilst enabling it. Smiley Sad


Personally I don't use it.  I'm sure 99.9% of the time people are going to be fine.  But if there wasn't a slight risk assosciated with an unexpected shutdown - there wouldn't be that insistance upon a UPS...  That's my view. Smiley Happy

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