Mx500 macbook pro not showing up

Kilobyte Kid

Mx500 macbook pro not showing up

Hi just received a mx500 1tb for my macbook pro (early 2010), ive connected via usb & its not showing up in finder or disk utility, Ive tried Terminal as well using the 'diskutil list' command & it still doesnt show up?

Ive plugged it into a windows laptop & it does show up as a Generic usb3.0 to Sata bridge (i presume named that cos it requires formatting etc)


I am running an old os system (10.8.5) would that be why its not recognised?

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Re: Mx500 macbook pro not showing up

Make sure your SMC & EFI firmware are up to date.


Reset the SMC & PRAM.  Unplug any other USB devices & try another USB port with your SSD. 


There is a chance your SSD & adapter may be incompatible with the MBPro.   I would install the SSD in the laptop and do an Option Boot from your original drive connected externally. 


If you still don't see the SSD, then to eliminate OSX as an issue I would try downloading & booting from Knoppix.  You can burn it to a CD or you can use Etcher to "burn" it to a USB drive.   Launch the "Disks" app located on the "Accessories" menu.  The Disks app will show a lot of Block devices with the designation "/dev/cloop" which you can ignore as these are just RAM disks used by Knoppix.   You can also use "GSmartControl" located on the "System Tools" menu.   If the drive is not seen with Knoppix, then there may be a compatibility issue with the SSD & your MBPro.  IIRC this laptop uses an NVidia chipset which sometimes won't work with SSDs.


Please let us know how you make out with it.  Good luck.


Kilobyte Kid

Re: Mx500 macbook pro not showing up

Thanks, Couldnt upgrade smc & efi firmware as it wouldnt allow due to out of date o.s, so took the plunge & updated to latest (high sierra), the main reason i didnt want to update was the fact i new my system would run even slower on it, hence the upgrade  to ssd but still didnt recognise drive, so tried reset of smc & pram which still didnt work, so last resort leaving me no option but to install the drive in to the mb pro...... Bingo! recognised straight away & running like a dream cant believe the speed difference it has made to the mb pro.


Thanks very much for your help, fingers crossed everything runs smoothly.