My m4 SSD crashes at least once an hour!

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 My m4 SSD freezes or shuts off at least once an hour! What's wrong with it?



Look up the firmware revision installed on your m4 SSD, following this guide for Mac and this guide for Windows. If the firmware revision shows as 0001, 0002, or 0009, then most likely your drive is suffering from a condition that was resolved in later firmware revisions, and it needs a firmware update.

Due to an incorrect response to a SMART counter, an m4 drive running one of the three firmware revisions mentioned above becomes unresponsive after 5184 hours of Power-on time, and every new hour after that. The m4 SSD may disappear from BIOS as well, but performing a power cycle process on the m4 will recover the drive and enable you to access it again.

A firmware update will remove this condition from the drive, and allow it to run stable again. The latest firmware revision can be downloaded from our SSD Firmware page, where you also can find instructions for how to run the upgrade on a Windows computer. If you are running your m4 SSD in a Mac system, see these firmware update instructions.