New MX500 not being seen by my computer...

Kilobyte Kid

New MX500 not being seen by my computer...



I'm just purchased an MX500 but when installed my computer does not seem to recognize its installation.  I followed the step-by-step guide for a PC install, and when I go to disk management, I do not get the window popup for me to initialize a new SSD.  What am I doing incorrectly?


I have Windows 10, an SSD as a boot drive, an HDD as my main drive, and the new SSD to put some of my games on it.


Please advise.




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Re: New MX500 not being seen by my computer...

I'm assuming the new SSD is not visible in Disk Management at all.  Check your BIOS/UEFI settings to make sure the SATA port for the new SSD is enabled.   Some systems allow disabling individual SATA ports.  Try using another SATA cable and power supply connector.   If you have an external SATA dock/enclosure or USB to SATA adapter try it to see if the new SSD is seen using USB (may not work with some devices).


Are your Windows chipset & SATA drivers up to date?  If you are using the Windows drivers, try installing the OEM system/motherboard drivers.  Perhaps you need to update your BIOS/UEFI firmware.


Does Crucial Storage Executive see the new SSD?


Try booting from a Knoppix8.2 Live CD/USB drive (Secure Boot needs to be disabled).    Etcher is a nice program to "burn" the .iso file to a USB drive.   Launch the "Disks" app or "GSmartControl" after booting Knoppix and see if the SSD is seen by these apps.  If so, then you have a Windows issue.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: New MX500 not being seen by my computer...

Thank you for the reply!


Your assumption is correct, new SSD is not visible in disk management.  I did check my settings for SATA and the choice was enabled/disabled.  The option was SATA mode.  IDE, ANCi, or RAID.  ANCI is currently selected.


Drivers are all up to date.


Crucial Storage Executive does not see the new SSD.


One thing that is different, without the SSD attached to my computer it will boot up in 20 seconds.  With the SSD attached to my computer boot up takes 37 seconds.  So I'm not sure what that means.  Maybe that has something to do with whats going on?


I will attempt the Knoppix thing today - that seems slightly outside of my know-how level.


Let me know if you have anything else you want me to check.  Is it possible that the SSD is bad?  I'm not sure how durable they are during shipping - but it arrived in a cardboard envelope with very little cushioning.  


Re: New MX500 not being seen by my computer...

To create a bootable Knoppix USB drive using Etcher, you will select the downloaded Knoppix .iso file as the source and your USB drive as the destination.   Once the Knoppix USB is created, reboot your computer (hold down the Shift key as you select Restart so it does a full restart) and access your system's boot menu during system POST.    You should see one or possibly two Knoppix boot options depending on your system's configuration.   When you see the Knoppix boot screen you can wait for it to continure or press "Enter" to continue with default settings.   If Secure Boot is enabled, you will need to disable it before booting the Knoppix drive.


Once Knoppix boots to the desktop, click the "Start" menu and locate the two apps I mentioned.    GSmartControl is located on the "System Tools" menu and Disks is located on the "Accessories" menu.   The Disks app will show a lot of Block devices with the designation "/dev/cloop" which you can ignore as these are just RAM disks used by Knoppx.   

Crucial Employee

Re: New MX500 not being seen by my computer...

Do you have any way to test the SSD externally such as a USB to SATA cable or enclosure? 

Also testing in an alternative computer would be suitable if you have the ability to do that.

If the drive does not detect in a different location then it will likely need to be replaced.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: New MX500 not being seen by my computer...

Quick update.  I took the drive to a friends house and we hooked it up using a USB device.  The computer instantly recognized the drive.  But after removing from USB and re-connecting through SATA, the computer would not see the drive.


Long story short, after about 2 hours of switching cables (power and SATA) the computer finally recognized the drive.  What did I do to make it show up?  I have no idea.  Not a single setting on my computer was changed, nor did I change out any cables.  


So... yay?  But it is working.


Thanks, everyone for the help.