New SSD Not working

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New SSD Not working

Bought a 500gig SSD for my HP 17 inch laptop that per the crucial site is compatible. Installed it with a usb adapter, downloaded the software, went through the cloning process. It indicated there was 2 hours 35 minutes left so I let it be. Came back later, had 12 minutes left so I waited When it got to 6 minutes left I got a "Clone Failed. See log for details."  Looked at all the logs in my computer and can't find anything that provides any information about why this failed.  I have no idea what log to look at so I went thorugh all of the ones in the Event Viewer section and I have no idea what I am supposed to be looking for. None of the errors say anything about a drive, a failure or the software that crucial provided.


Any idea why this is happening? 

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Re: New SSD Not working

I believe that it would be a log from your cloning software so if it was a Acronis True Image you could try to locate it using these guidelines:

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