New SSD issues

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New SSD issues

New CT1000MX500SSD1 Ultra-DMA CRC Error Count 55 Errors, is my new drive failing ?

WIn 10 16gb ram,

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Re: New SSD issues

This error represents a transmission error and is usually caused by a cable issue with a loose connection, poor/defective cable or improper shielding, but it could also be due to a faulty motherboard SATA controller or the controller on the SSD.   Reseat the SATA cable on both ends if possible.    If not try another cable.  


See Attribute#199 here.


See targetbsp & squall_leonharts answers here.


Re: New SSD issues

An ultra DMA error count is a cabling fault.  It means that data that left the drive was altered before it reached your sata controller.  Try reseating your sata cable.

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