No Sound Or Missing Drivers After Cloning With Acronis

Crucial Employee

In rare cases the Acronis cloning process can finish cloning Windows without any errors but components like audio drivers may be malfunctioning or missing from Device Manager.  If this happens to you, there are a couple of things which can correct the issue. 


First, uninstalling the device (if it is listed) then rebooting the system allows Windows to automatically reinstall it.  If this is ineffective, you can also download and install the missing driver directly from your system or motherboard manufacturer's website.


If attempts to repair or reinstall the driver fail, reclone from your old drive to the new Crucial SSD using bootable media created within the Acronis software.  The bootable Acronis media will allow for cloning outside Windows, to remove possible conflicts. We have a full step by step guide for creating and using bootable media here