Not able to boot from MX500

Kilobyte Kid

Not able to boot from MX500

Im having an issue booting from the MX500 in a laptop ( ASUS s301lp ). 

I have replaced hardrive with new SSD. Installed windows using Windows media creation Tool from a usb drive. This has worked flawlessly

 however when rebooting the computer, it will not recognise the drive as bootable.

In BIOS options I have tried turning off secure boot and  turning on legacy support (CMS). The bios reports that the drive is connected to sata 0 with ahci protocol 

however in the Boot order list it is not there.


I have also tried installing a live Linux distribution ( gparted live) onto the ssd using a sata to usb connected and tried booting from that with no luck. I also installed the same distribution onto a usb stick to test that it works. Boots from usb stick flawlessly, no luck with the SSD.


I have also tested this on a HP laptop with all combinations of secure boot and legacy mode in bios and it will not boot from the SSD either.


Any ideas? Im starting to think either the disk is faulty or there is a weird compatibily issue im not aware of.


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Re: Not able to boot from MX500

@kimchip Thanks for contacting us. I am sorry for the issues you've experienced with this drive. Have you tried connecting the drive to a different system? If not, we would suggest doing this first. When it is connected to your laptop are you able to read and write to the drive?  Thanks for providing this information. It will help us look into this issue a bit further. 

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Re: Not able to boot from MX500

Is your BIOS/UEFI firmware up to date?


If you were using hardware encryption perhaps you need to remove/reset it.


What version of Windows are you using?


After installing Windows, did it boot into Windows the first time?   If you power down the system after the failure will it boot Windows?


What actually happens when you try to boot?  Does it POST, does it give "No bootable OS found", or does it drop you into the Windows Advanced Startup Menu?  Something else?


Can you bring up your BIOS/UEFI boot menu and see any UEFI boot options?  (Not inside the BIOS, but by pressing a key during POST to bring up a menu).


You could try booting to the Windows installer and select "Repair your Computer".  Go to the Advanced Troubleshooting and do a Startup Repair.


Go into the BIOS/UEFI settings and see if you there is a Windows UEFI boot option.   Some systems allow you to create a new entry manually.  Some also let you delete existing entries.


Since you are familiar with Linux, I would set your BIOS/UEFI settings to UEFI (disable legacy or mixed CSM support -- there may be more than one entry which has settings for this so check other menus).   Set SATA to AHCI protocol, and leave Secure Boot & TPM  disabled since some Linux distributions don't support it yet.   Then install Linux to your internally installed MX500 (Ubuntu or Linux Mint are probably safe options).   If this works after testing with multiple reboots, then it would seem to be a Windows issue.  If Linux does not boot, go into the BIOS/UEFI settings and manually add a UEFI entry for it.  When you search for the boot file, it will usually be on the first partition in a "grub" or "boot" folder (these may be inside of an EFI, or Ubuntu folder too).  Select the "grub_x64.efi" or "boot_x64.efi".   Some UEFI systems are very particular about the location of these boot files which is why it is sometimes necessary to manually create a custom UEFI boot menu entry.  Some systems will only boot if these files & folders are "boot/boot_x64.efi"  (or even boot.efi and you can rename them to this).    You could also try setting the system to legacy mode and reinstall Linux/Windows so it can boot using MBR and avoid UEFI booting issues at least for testing.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Not able to boot from MX500

Thankyou for your reply!


Yes i have tried it on a HP laptop and the asus. When the drive is connected it can be written to and read from without problem.