Not enough Space on SSD

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Not enough Space on SSD



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I have a laptop with a 1TB hard Drive but only 116GB is showing as used


I purchased Crucial 250gb CT250MX500SSD1(Z) and attempted to clone the Hard Drive only for the free software Acronis to tell me that there was not enough space on the SSD


I don't understand why this has happened.  Is it a case that I need a 1TB SSD to successfully clone the hard drive. If so it's not clear on Crucial website

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Re: Not enough Space on SSD

Try shrinking your existing drive first.  My preferred program (free) for such tasks is:


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Re: Not enough Space on SSD

FYI, while your OS & data partition of your C: drive may only be using 116GB, there are other hidden partitions on the drive used by Windows (for restore & recovery) and possibly by the computer vendor to store the original recovery image in case you want to return the system to its original factory shipped configuration.


If you are willing to forego the OEM preinstalled software and willing to install a clean copy of Windows on the new SSD, you would actually regain some useful storage space as a default install of Windows usually only has two or three partitions depending on the system.