Over-provisioning and adding partitions

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Over-provisioning and adding partitions

Hi all,

I have over-provisioning enabled on a M550 512GB M.2 SSD.(running Win 10.).  I’m about to add more partitions, so I can dual-boot Linux – adding a root, a swap and a home.  

Before I change around the partitions, should I disable over-provisioning and re-enable it after? Or will it just adjust to the new set of partitions? I still plan on leaving 10% unallocated space for OP to use. I just want to avoid messing anything up.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Over-provisioning and adding partitions

Other posts on this forum and I believe even Crucial's FAQ or documention mention that by leaving a portion of the drive unpartitioned (or empty) provides the same benefits as using the Over Provisioning feature of Crucial Storage Executive (CSE).


I don't use Windows or CSE, so without knowing more about it I would probably disable it until you are done rearranging things.  Last thing you need is for CSE to get stuck or confused because something changed.  Is it easy to  have CSE enable/disable over-provisioning?  While assisting another user on these forums I believe I saw a screenshot showing a special directory or partition that CSE might use for Over Provisioning though I could be mistaken.


Maybe someone else is more knowledgeable about how CSE's over-provisioning works.