P1 not detected by Thinkpad L380

Kilobyte Kid

P1 not detected by Thinkpad L380


I got a 1Tb P1 for my Thinkpad L380, but the laptop's UEFI bios is not detecting it. I tried the P1 in other laptops and it is detected and works flawlessly, similarly I tried other nvme and sata m.2 drives in the L380 and these are also detected and work. Only the P1 seems to be "incompatible". Possibly related: I had to force the P1 quite a bit to fit it into the m.2 slot, as the drive seemed half a millimeter too long.


Has anybody seen anything like this?

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Re: P1 not detected by Thinkpad L380

You can try visiting the Router Firmware Upgrade for fixing the problem. The detection problem is very disturbing which may sometimes not allow you to even use your system.