PSID no label. Please help!!!

Kilobyte Kid

PSID no label. Please help!!!

I bought a Crucial MX200 1TB used. I have connected to my computer, and it recognizes the BIOS and Windows 7. I can format and copy files. All good.

But in trying to make a secure erase with Parted Magic it is impossible. He does not recognize the SSD. It is in the TCG mode. Now I'm using the Crucial Storage Executive program and PSID revert ...... but I have a big problem !!! My label is blurred and unreadable code psid !!!
Is there any other way to get the PSID code? Via email or phone?

I hope there is a solution !! Thank you.



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Re: PSID no label. Please help!!!

As far as I know, the ID's are drive specific so I don't fancy your chances.  But if anyone can help you, it'd be Crucial support so try contacting them via the link in my signature.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: PSID no label. Please help!!!

Thanks for your help.

I contacted technical support Crucial. And they told me that the PSID code is only on the label.
Finally I contacted the seller and we reached an agreement. I return the SSD. There is no way to get the PSID code.

Thank you.