Problem with Crucial MX300 525GB SSD installation

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Problem with Crucial MX300 525GB SSD installation

Hi all,

I recently tried to install a crucial mx300 ssd to my laptop, Lenovo Yoga 500 w Windows 10 Home OS. However, i encountered slow and choppy experience, much worst experience than the experience on HDD.

I've did the cloning process and upgraded my old thinkpad w500 with sata2 to Intel 530 SSD years ago. the speed was great and everything was butter smooth, e.g. opening words document and setting, etc.

So, for this upgrade, I first cloned the HDD to the Crucial SSD via USB sata cable with the provided Acronis software.

It worked well, but after booting my laptop, it is extremely slow and choppy, definitely not comparable to the experience on an old thinkpad with sata 2 board.

Then, i decided to just reset the laptop via recovery>clear everything. However, even after the reset, and all the windows and drive updates, the laptop is choppy and slow. Basically, i feel that this laptop is not fit for everyday use anymore. At this point when i am typing, i am experiencing lag when the words pops out.

I am wondering if it is Crucial's SSD poor performance or did I do something wrongly?

Please advise me, on how can i resolve this issue!
Thank you very much!

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