Question About AMD SATA Controller and MX500 SSD

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Question About AMD SATA Controller and MX500 SSD

Hello, I just purchased a MX500 SATAIII SSD and have a few questions. Ive found out that some drives don't like the AMD SATA Controller. I I have an ASUS M5A97 r.2 board with a 970 chipset. The 970 has proven to be problematic with the 860 EVO series and I was wondering if the same is true with the Crucial drive? Also, I know you can rollback the SATA controller to an earlier non AMD version and it mitigates some of the problems, but do I lose performance by doing so? So basically whats best, the AMD SATA controller or Standard AHCI 1.0 Series ATA controller?


P.S. Functionallity for the Crucial Storage Executive software is comprimised when the AMD SATA controller is being used [i.e.the Sanitze Drive function doesnt work and who knows what else.]

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Re: Question About AMD SATA Controller and MX500 SSD

Unfortunately I cannot advise you on the specific AMD issues as I was not aware of them, although I am planning on building an AMD system later this year.  In general though, make sure hot plug is enabled and be sure to disable any power management for SATA or the SSD.  Also make sure the SSD is conected to a pure SATA controller and not one which supports RAID.  Some motherboards will have two different types of SATA controllers.


As for CSE issues, you cannot Sanitize a drive you are booting.  If it is a secondary drive and the Sanitize is not working using CSE, then you can use other methods to try to Sanitizer/Secure Erase the drive by creating a bootable USB drive with Parted Magic or a Linux distro.  If the drive has OPAL hardware encryption enabled, then the Sanitize option will not work until the hardware encryption is disabled or you perform a PSID revert.

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Re: Question About AMD SATA Controller and MX500 SSD

The 970 chipset could certainly cause some issues with Storage Executive features not working on the drive, but the functionality of the MX500 itself shouldn't be compromised. Sometimes you may find issues with a particular AMD RAID driver (RAID driver packages from AMD include the AHCI drivers as well), but typically this is easily resolved by using a standard drive or updating to a newer revision from the board manufacturer.

Crucial_Benny, Micron CPG Support, US

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