READ ME FIRST: SSD Troubleshooting

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READ ME FIRST: SSD Troubleshooting

Welcome to the Crucial forums.  For general forum rules and guidelines please see HERE 


We have compiled a list of the most common SSD questions and tips.  This thread is to help you all the way from installation to providing some troubleshooting information.  So let’s get started!


Installing your SSD:


  • We have created a step by step installation guide on how to install your new SSD in your computer.  You can follow the guide on our website HERE. This will take you through the whole process in a clear and easy to understand format. 


  • We do also have an SSD guides and support section on our website.  This includes installation videos and guides for both PC and Apple systems.  You can see it on our website HERE.


  • When you buy a new SSD you have the option of making a clone of your existing hard drive to the new, faster SSD.  In a Windows system you can use the free Acronis software to copy your data to the new SSD.  We have a guide on how to do this on our Tribal Knowledgebase HERE.


  • For Apple systems you can clone the drive using Time Machine and we have a step by step guide on how to do that HERE 


SSD Troubleshooting Windows:


  • If your SSD is no longer recognized by your PC then please visit our guide on our TBK HERE.  This will give you the different options to get your SSD back working in your system. 



  • Before you can use your new SSD, you have to initialize and partition it.  We have a step by step guide on how to do this HERE 


  • If your SSD is not performing as well as it used to, you may want to run Active Garbage Collection.  This is a feature built in to our drives and we have a guide on how to make sure it is working in your system.  You can see that guide HERE.


  • We have an SSD reporting and utilities software called Storage Executive.  To check availability and features please visit our TKB HERE.


If you can’t see steps that relate to your specific problem.  You can see all the SSD articles on our TKB HERE.


SSD Troubleshooting Mac:


  • We have a general MacBook Pro troubleshooting guide for SSD’s.  You can see that on our TKB HERE.


  • Unable to write to the last block of the device error on a Mac.  You can see about this error and how to fix it HERE.


  • If you install an SSD in your Mac and it is booting slowly, please see our guide on how to fix that HERE


If you are still having issues or have any questions at all, have a look through the SSD section of our forum HERE. It is possible that your question has been asked before.  If you don’t see it then feel free to post a new thread and we will get it resolved for you. 

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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