Read issue with MX300 250 Gb

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Read issue with MX300 250 Gb


I'm posting because I've got a weird issue with an MX300: whenever a certain file is read, my machine crashes and I get a BSOD; it's usually an "UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION".

It's very unfortunate, because the file I'm trying to read is Outlook's PST..... I tried several utilities to fix it, before I started to think it is not a software issue but there's something wrong with my SSD. The BSOD occurs even when I try to copy the PST to a flash drive using Windows Explorer.

The last time I tried to copy the file, I started Task Manager before copying; it's business as usual (low cpu, low disk usage, good transfer speed) until the copy reaches about 40%. Then disk usage jumps to 100%, transfer speed drops to 0. After a few seconds, the keyboard stops responding (pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL yelds no effect); then mouse stops responding too (cursor no longer moves on the screen). Finally, the BSOD appears. When it stays on screen long enough to read it, it says "UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION"..

Disk's firmware is not the most recent (it's M0CR040); both scandisk and storage executive report no issue. I haven't tried (yet) to unplug the drive from its PC and read the file on another machine.

While I'm pretty sure I will not be able to retrieve the file in a perfect state, what I would like to do is

a) find some way to mark the bad sectors as broken then

b) use scanpst or some other utility to recover whatever can be scavenged.

However, since scandisk refuses to do its job, I don't know what to do...... can anyone suggest what I should do??? Is updating to the latest firmware a good idea or it would rather be like opening Pandora's box???

Any kind of input is welcome.... thank you in advance!


Edit: The drive is mostly empty (80-90% available). PST, though, is biggish.... more than 16 Gigs. Not sure this info is relevant, but it doesn't hurt....

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Re: Read issue with MX300 250 Gb

Try using "testdisk" to copy the file from the SSD.  I recently had a cloned image where I could not copy some files and this utility copied them successfully.   If this does not work, then the only other free option that may work is "Gnu ddrescue" which is a Linux command line tool that will perform a bit clone of the entire drive/partition to another drive/partition or a raw image file (make sure to use a log file to resume an interrupted clone).  It works great for failing hard drives, but I've never had to use it on an SSD with read issues.  Probably the easiest way to use this tool is by creating a bootable Knoppix Linux USB drive.  You still may need to repair filesystem damage or even use testdisk on the clone.


You will definitely want to upgrade the firmware on the SSD since anything before M0CR060 has issues.  If you check the MX300's SMART Attributes I believe you will find some Uncorrectable Errors which reached the filesystem when a block went bad.  I've also seen the earlier firmware on the MX300 get stuck reallocating bad blocks which can cause this to happen as well.  See if you have any Pending Blocks that have not been reallocated.  I found after updating the firmware I had to also perform a Secure Erase on the MX300s to reset it and get it working properly again (this may not be necessary for you, but it was for me).


If you continue using Windows without a Secure Erase & reinstall, then you will want to run "chkdsk" on it so it can repair any filesystem damage.


If you absolutely need to recover this file, you may also want to consider using a professional data recovery service such as Drive Savers.


Feel free to post the SMART Attributes if you are unsure.   Let us know how you make out recovering the file.


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Re: Read issue with MX300 250 Gb

@HWTech  has great suggestions, but a very simple possible solution would be  plugging the SSD into another system as a secondary drive, then copying the file in that method. This is assuming you're using the SSD as an OSS drive.

It certainly sounds like there might be some problems with your Windows directory or other partition problems, so a Check Disk /r wouldn't be a bad idea as HW has suggested.

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