Reset Your SSD With Windows DiskPart

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These steps show you how to use the Windows DiskPart, Clean command to quickly delete any partitions on the SSD and reset it to an uninitialized state.

Please note, these steps in themselves do not actually remove the data from the cells on the SSD it merely removes any partitions that were created, meaning you no longer can access the data and the drive appears as uninitialized. This is ideal if you have set up an incorrect partition or selected GPT instead of MBR or any other situation where you need to reset the drive to appear as it did when you first received it.

Open the Command Prompt as an Administrator

To run the DiskPart command, you need to open a command prompt as an Administrator.



Windows 7 steps:

1. Click on Start and type cmd into the Search field

2. Cmd.exe will appear at the top, right click on this and choose “Run as Administrator”

Windows 8 and later steps:

1. Go to Search and type CMD
2. Command Prompt will appear on the left, right click on it and select “Run as Administrator”

Once it has started successfully as an Administrator, it will show the path C:\Windows\System32


Run DiskPart through the Command Prompt

- Type diskpart into the command prompt and hit Enter to start


- Type list disk and hit Enter to see all the attached disks


- Make sure you know which is the disk you want to reset before continuing! (If you are unsure, you can double check in Disk Management.)


Steps to check disk number in Disk Management

  • Type Computer Management into search and open the Computer Management utility
  • Select Disk Management near the bottom of the left hand menu
  • A list of all attached disks is loaded and listed as Disk 0, Disk 1 etc.
  • These numbers correspond to the numbers in the list disk above
  • It should be easy to tell from that list which is the main drive and which is the drive you wish to reset

- Type select disk # and hit Enter (where # is the disk number you want to reset)


- Type clean to delete all partitions and reset the drive


- The drive will now appear as it did when you first purchased it

- Type exit and hit enter to exit out of DiskPart

- Type exit again and hit enter, or simply click the X at the top to close down the command prompt


If you get any errors about permissions when trying to run DiskPart, make sure you have Administrator privileges on that computer and that the command prompt is opened as an administrator. It is easy to tell as it tells you in the title bar and defaults to the path C:\Windows\system32>

Writing to disk
If you get a message telling you that the disk cannot be written to or is not accessible, double check the connection of your SSD. For example if you are using an external caddy, try using an alternative connection like a USB to SATA cable.

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