Restore Truncated SSD Capacity

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Restore Truncated SSD Capacity

I have a Crucial CT240 M500, which I used initially to clone a WinXP system HDD in a Dell Inspiron. After phasing out the WinXP laptop I attempted to re-format the SDD to use as a USB outboard drive for data storage with a newer HP Envy laptop operating on Windows 10.

I had been unaware the earlier WinXP drive had a Host Protected Area that Dell had reserved for its Media Direct Program (unused) and for its Windows Recovery area.
Cloning that drive to the Crucial SSD resulted in the capacity of the Crucial SSD being severely truncated. I have since been able to eliminate the HPA’s, but the capacity of the Crucial SSD is still truncated. How can I restore the Crucial SSD to its original capacity?

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Re: Restore Truncated SSD Capacity

You should just be able to use any partitioning program.  Even windows should be able to dop it from control panel -> admin tools -> computer management -> disk management.


If not, try:

or any other free partitioning software of your choice.

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