SSD Cloning in Pre Windows Environment

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SSD Cloning in Pre Windows Environment

I want to be able to Clone a HDD to clone the image onto Crucial BX500 SSD's I've purchased.


I want to do this so this will copy all partitions across and I do not want to install software in Windows to have to later remove.  I've got to do this across a lot of individual machines as I'm replacing their existing slow mechanical drives with Crucial SSD's. 


Does this Acronis software allow me to build a bootable USB UEFI stick to do this?


If not could someone suggest Free Software so I can achieve this from Curucial or elsewhere.




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Re: SSD Cloning in Pre Windows Environment

Acronis does have an option to create a bootable USB drive, but you need to install the software on at least one system.   I think if you pay for Acronis, they may allow you to download an image to use on a USB drive.    Many of the free cloning options require extra work unless the two drives are the same size.