Secure Erase Crucial MX300 Issues.

Kilobyte Kid

Secure Erase Crucial MX300 Issues.

Hi, I’m in the process of passing on my computer to somebody else and I’d like to secure erase the crucial m.2 mx300 drive in it. I’ve been reading a few posts on this website and from what i’ve gathered i need to use a 3rd party application like parted magic to do this. Well, i’ve downloaded parted magic and have tried to use the secure erase feature but i keep getting an unsupported message for both the drives. The OS is currently installed on a Crucial 2.5 SSD which i’m going to be keeping and therefore don’t want to erase but i get the message for both drives. Where am i going wrong?



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Re: Secure Erase Crucial MX300 Issues.

If you are using Windows on your 2.5" SSD, then you can install  Crucial Storage Executive to Secure Erase the M.2 SSD.


If your M.2 SSD is using hardware encryption, then you may need to disable the encryption first.


Does Parted Magic have another option called "Sanitize"?  Perhaps your SSD requires that option.


Also the SSD you want to Secure Erase must be connected to an internal controller.


Kilobyte Kid

Re: Secure Erase Crucial MX300 Issues.

Yes, windows is installed on the 2.5” SSD. I’ll try that program. Will it fully wipe the drive so that it’s safe to give away?


I don’t think the M.2 is using hardware encryption, well I’ve never set it up anyway.


No there’s no option for Sanitize.


Internal controller? What’s that?


Thanks for your help.


Re: Secure Erase Crucial MX300 Issues.

Crucial Storage Executive is Crucial's software to manage your SSD.  It includes a method to update the firmware and to Sanitize/Secure Erase the SSD plus other features.   Sanitizing or Secure Erasing an SSD should  reset all the flash memory to zeroes.  It is also the only way to reset the hidden and defective blocks.   If you have trouble with Crucial Storage Executive, then something is preventing the Secure Erase from both programs and we just have to figure out what it is.


If you want to attempt using Parted Magic again, try putting your computer to sleep for a minute and wake it up.   Then after waking the computer try running Parted Magic to Secure Erase the SSD again.  Parted Magic is supposed to do something like this to power cycole the SSD, but perhaps something is preventing it.    If this is a laptop, make sure the power adapter is plugged in & working.


By internal controller, I mean the SSD being Secure Erased must be installed internally in your computer.   The SSD being Secure Erased cannot be connected externally with USB or Thunderbolt.   I'm assuming the M.2 SSD is installed in the default M.2 slot in the laptop or using an M.2 slot on the motherboard of a Desktop computer.


I also thought of a couple of other possibilities:


The M.2 SSD may need to be unmounted before it will be allowed to be Secure Erased.  I'm not sure how you do this within Windows.  You could also go into Disk Management and delete all partitions on the M.2 SSD so Windows has nothing to mount.   Make sure you choose the correct drive.


I'm assuming you are booting Windows from your 2.5" SSD when attempting to Secure Erase the M.2 SSD. 


Also make sure your Anti-Virus, Windows settings and BIOS/UEFI settings are not set to protect the M.2 SSD from modification.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Secure Erase Crucial MX300 Issues.

Thanks for the detailed reply. It was in fact due to the drive being mounted in windows. I deleted the partition and then got an option for PSID Revert, which i did. I now get an option allowing Sanitize Drive, Parted Magic is also allowing the drive to be Secure Erased. Last question is do i need to Sanitize or Secure Erase through Parted Magic as after i did the PSID Revert it stated that all data had been erased?

Thanks again.


Re: Secure Erase Crucial MX300 Issues.

Your problem is (was!) that secure erase is an ATA Security command and modern versions of Windows disable ATA Security in favour of eDrive.  PSID Revert was the correct approach and you don't need to do any more. Smiley Happy

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Secure Erase Crucial MX300 Issues.

Thanks. That explains it.