Should I RMA? (What does the SMART say...)

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Should I RMA? (What does the SMART say...)



my CT525MX300SSD1 is about 6 1/2 months old and I just got a major Windows (10 x64) crash.

Bootup was not possible any more. Tried safe boot, a windows restore point, boot repair failed to execute, as well as the complete Windows reset.

In recovery mode I tried to backup my files, but several files could not be read due to CRC errors, even when forcing xcopy with /c parameter. Even worse, the more I tried to copy a file structure, the more errors popped up on files that were fine just minutes before. So the errors were propagating.

Trying all kinds of CHKDSK parameter variations (online, offline, with repair and not etc.), it found quite a bunch of errors. However, CHKDSK itself always crashed after a certain amount of phases and checks with an unknown error "(766f6c756d652e63 470)" in a way that the found errors never got fixed. Searching for this error, unearths forum entries that seem to suggest that the drive is about to fail if this happens.


Only through perseverance trying over and over again with further CHKDSK parameter variations it finally was able to run through. It fixed several different errors in the file system (NTFS) incl. MFT, reported 347 bad clusters, amounting to 1388KB, and errors in the Attribute Bitmap and Volume Bitmap.


Windows still could not boot, but the files could be read now. But it seems they are corrupted now (several video files), so the repair was unsuccessfull in the end.


So I had to install Windows from scratch.

I then installed the Storage Executive and had a look at the SMART stats and I feel that they are not good:SMART-MX300-2017-10-20.png

 As you can see, the SDD is quite new, but experienced a buttload of uncorrectable as well as recoverable errors (if I interpret this correctly) and has only 1800 unused blocks left.


Now my question:

Do you suggest I'd better file an RMA? I mean it is just barely 6 months old with ligth usage and had this big hiccup that even CHKDSK was unable to recover from for a long time, even crashing the tool over and over again.

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Re: Should I RMA? (What does the SMART say...)

With the combination of that data loss and SMART errors, I'd RMA it.


1, 5, 187 and 196 all indicate errors.


1800 unused blocks is a lot and a good thing by the way. Smiley Happy  But the rest...

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