Smaller partioned HDD to larger new SSD

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Smaller partioned HDD to larger new SSD



I have a 300gb HDD in my Toshiba laptop which I want to update/upgrade to a 500gb SSD.  The copy and installation process looks simple so I am OK with that.  However, the current HDD has two partitions of roughly equal size and I am wondering how the new SSD will deal with that.  By simply copying the HDD will I end up with a SSD with approx 300gb of OS, data and space and 200gb that the system will not know what to do with?   Or is the process clever enough to format/allocate the extra space the SSD offer?


Grateful for your help and suggestions



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Re: Smaller partioned HDD to larger new SSD

It'll depend on the cloning software you use.  I've seen a variety of possibilities in different software:

Just copying the source partitions as they stand

Sizing them up proportionally

Letting you choose how to size them


I would largely just let the cloning software does what it wants and sort it out after the fact with partitioning software. is good and free.

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