Solved: MX200 & Windows 10 eDrive

Bit Baby

Solved: MX200 & Windows 10 eDrive



I own a MX200 which worked fine with eDrive functionality in Windows 8.1.


I disabled BitLocker, clean installed Windows 10 Pro but it would switch to Software Encryption.


Afterwards I proceeded doing a PSID reset and reinstalled Windows 10 again, which unfortunately didn't work.


The Intel RST drivers are up to date (current version from and TPM was resetted at each reinstallation.


Any suggestions?


Solution: Don't use Intel RST while trying to activate eDrive. It somehow blocks eDrive. You may update the Storage Driver afterwards without losing eDrive functionality


update: DO NOT use ANY Intel drivers with Windows 10. RST causes eDrive to get deactivated, leading to BitLocker Recovery at every (re-)start.

GPU drivers are causing BSOD after waking up from Standby.


conclusion: Intel is "ready" for Windows 10

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Re: Solved: MX200 & Windows 10 eDrive

Out of curiosity, what version of Intel RST driver you were using?

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Bit Baby

Re: Solved: MX200 & Windows 10 eDrive



I was using


Check my updated 1. post aswell.