Strange Shutdowns with Crucial SSD CT256MX100SSD1

Kilobyte Kid

Strange Shutdowns with Crucial SSD CT256MX100SSD1

Hi there!

I have a strange problem. Since I've got the Crucial SSD (model: Crucial_CT256MX100SSD1) i ocassionly get random shut downs. 

It happened with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 - the computer shut downs with blue screen that indicates a problem with the hard drive (or connection).

After I try to reboot the PC no boot device is found and the SSD isnt recognized either. Then I shut down the computer and when I turn it back on - it works like a charm.

This problem has occured about 4-5 times for 2 years but its really annoying and mostly - unexpected. I have tried differend SATA3 ports but still with no success.


Any ideas or suggestions? Maybe changing firmware? Below is the info for the drive from Aida:




 ATA Device Properties:
      Model ID                                          Crucial_CT256MX100SSD1
      Serial Number                                     *removed personal information*
      Revision                                          MU01
      World Wide Name                                   5-00A075-10D2C24B1
      Device Type                                       SATA-III
      Parameters                                        496149 cylinders, 16 heads, 63 sectors per track, 512 bytes per sector
      LBA Sectors                                       500118192
      Physical / Logical Sector Size                    4 KB / 512 bytes
      Multiple Sectors                                  16
      ECC Bytes                                         0
      Max. PIO Transfer Mode                            PIO 4
      Max. MWDMA Transfer Mode                          MWDMA 2
      Max. UDMA Transfer Mode                           UDMA 6
      Active UDMA Transfer Mode                         UDMA 6
      Unformatted Capacity                              244198 MB
      Form Factor                                       2.5"
      Rotational Speed                                  SSD
      ATA Standard                                      ACS-2

    ATA Device Features:
      48-bit LBA                                        Supported, Enabled
      Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM)               Not Supported
      Device Configuration Overlay (DCO)                Supported, Enabled
      DMA Setup Auto-Activate                           Supported, Enabled
      Free-Fall Control                                 Not Supported
      General Purpose Logging (GPL)                     Supported, Enabled
      Hardware Feature Control                          Supported, Disabled
      Host Protected Area (HPA)                         Supported, Enabled
      HPA Security Extensions                           Supported, Disabled
      Hybrid Information Feature                        Not Supported
      In-Order Data Delivery                            Not Supported
      Native Command Queuing (NCQ)                      Supported
      NCQ Autosense                                     Not Supported
      NCQ Priority Information                          Supported
      NCQ Queue Management Command                      Not Supported
      NCQ Streaming                                     Not Supported
      Phy Event Counters                                Supported
      Read Look-Ahead                                   Supported, Enabled
      Release Interrupt                                 Not Supported
      Security Mode                                     Supported, Disabled
      Sense Data Reporting (SDR)                        Not Supported
      Service Interrupt                                 Not Supported
      SMART                                             Supported, Enabled
      SMART Error Logging                               Supported, Enabled
      SMART Self-Test                                   Supported, Enabled
      Software Settings Preservation (SSP)              Supported, Enabled
      Streaming                                         Not Supported
      Tagged Command Queuing (TCQ)                      Not Supported
      Write Cache                                       Supported, Enabled
      Write-Read-Verify                                 Supported, Disabled

    SSD Features:
      Data Set Management                               Supported
      Deterministic Read After TRIM                     Supported
      TRIM Command                                      Supported

    Power Management Features:
      Advanced Power Management                         Supported, Enabled
      Automatic Partial to Slumber Transitions (APST)   Disabled
      Device Initiated Interface Power Management (DIPM)Supported, Enabled
      Device Sleep (DEVSLP)                             Supported
      Extended Power Conditions (EPC)                   Not Supported
      Host Initiated Interface Power Management (HIPM)  Not Supported
      IDLE IMMEDIATE With UNLOAD FEATURE                Supported, Enabled
      Link Power State Device Sleep                     Supported, Disabled
      Power Management                                  Supported, Enabled
      Power-Up In Standby (PUIS)                        Not Supported

    ATA Commands:
      DEVICE RESET                                      Not Supported
      DOWNLOAD MICROCODE                                Supported, Enabled
      FLUSH CACHE                                       Supported, Enabled
      FLUSH CACHE EXT                                   Supported, Enabled
      NOP                                               Supported, Enabled
      READ BUFFER                                       Supported, Enabled
      WRITE BUFFER                                      Supported, Enabled

    ATA Device Manufacturer:
      Company Name                                      Micron Technology, Inc.
      Product Information                     
      Driver Update                           


Thanks in ADVANCE!

Good day!

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Re: Strange Shutdowns with Crucial SSD CT256MX100SSD1

Enable hot swap for the sata port your drive is connected to in your BIOS.  It will prevent your system using power saving measures on the sata port which may be resposible for this happening.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Strange Shutdowns with Crucial SSD CT256MX100SSD1

Okay thanks.

Done that and I am updating the firmware.


Will check the similar thread for MX100 for solutions and reply here if the problem persists.


Thank you