Ultra DMA CRC Error Count Warning

Kilobyte Kid

Ultra DMA CRC Error Count Warning

Hi. I bought new ssd SSD Crucial Bx 100 250 GB in march 2017 .
Its my smart readings fine in march 2017: ULTRA-DMA CRC ERROR COUNT ( 0 )




Today i run smart again and have ULTRA-DMA CRC ERROR COUNT ( 1 ) , screen:




Nothing in my pc changed. And i have only this ssd,no hdds or others sdds.

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Re: Ultra DMA CRC Error Count Warning

A UDMA CRC error is a cabling fault.  It basiclaly means that what left the drive didn;t pass a CRC test by the time it had reached the motherboards sata controller and the sata controller would have requested it resent.  You can certainly ignore one.  If you were getting loads then it woudl be due to badly shielded cables or cables needing reseated at either end of the connection.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Ultra DMA CRC Error Count Warning

not necessarily, a failing controller on the ssd or host computer can raise this error count too.