Unable to install Win 10

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Unable to install Win 10

I have a Crucial CT256MX100 and unable to install the win 10 operating system.  Originally I got a message that said Disk is of GPT Partition style.  I deleted the partition and then reformatted.   Now still unable to install and get 0x80300024 error code but cant figure out.  Any help in what to do so the drive will let me install is appreciated.  Right now the Drive is Disk 0 and shows 238.47 GB NTFS Healthy (Primary Partition.


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Re: Unable to install Win 10

I would try diskpart clean to completely clean volume formatting from the disk.


At first W10 install screen press Shift + F10 in order to open command prompt and then enter following commands:


DISKPART> list disk
DISKPART> select disk 0
(if the zero would be for your MX100)

DISKPART> list partition
(just to ensure you have the correct disk listed)


If you have other hard drives connected to your system disconnect them leaving MX100 only.

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