Using Acronis True Image HD 2015

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If you did not receive an Acronis product key in your SSD package, see this page for a guide on using an updated version of Acronis which does not require a product key when used with your Crucial SSD.


The below videos and steps detail activating and using Acronis True Image HD 2015, which supports cloning of Windows 10 and earlier operating system installations. A more comprehensive walkthrough of SSD setup and installation, including the cloning process, is provided by our SSD Install App.


Product keys for Acronis True Image HD 2014 included with legacy Crucial SSDs as well as standalone Crucial SSD Install Kits can also be used with this newer version if your OS requires this newest revision. Note that a method for connecting both your original drive and new SSD, such as a second SATA cable or USB adapter is also required for drive-to-drive cloning to be possible.


Acronis True Image HD 2015 installation files in multiple languages are available at .


1. Run the installer from your download location, accepting all security prompts.

2. Click 'Install' on the first screen of the program.

3. Click 'Start application' when the installation is complete.

4. Click 'Get started' on the Welcome screen

5. Input your name, e-mail address, and password and click 'Create account'.

6. Put in your serial number from the insert from your SSD or installation kit packaging. If you did not receive an Acronis product key in your SSD package, see this page for a guide on using an updated version of Acronis which does not require a product key when used with your Crucial SSD.

7. After registering and logging in to the program, the Tools category will have a Clone Disk operation available to select.




8. Most users will find the default 'Automatic' clone mode option on the next screen to be the easiest method for cloning most systems. Unless you have particular needs for your partition resizing, simply click 'Next' on this screen.

9. Select your source hard disk, usually whichever option includes your C: partition, and click 'Next'.

10. Select your target drive, usually the Crucial SSD, and click next. If any partition is already on this drive, whether it has data on it or not, you will receive a notification that the drive will be deleted.

11. Confirm your selected devices are correct in the Summary screen and click 'Proceed'.

12. You will receive a final warning that your computer will reboot and cloning will proceed. If you are ready to continue, click 'Restart'.





After this, cloning will continue automatically, launching into Acronis outside of your Windows OS to complete the clone. Once this completes, you can install your SSD and configure it as your primary boot device as needed and begin using it as your main storage device.


A method for creating bootable Acronis True Image HD 2015 media, in case of errors or if the Windows software does not properly restart your computer, is here.

Bit Baby

If asked and answered, I apologize, but I couldn't find it.  I need to clone just a single partition (the W10 system partition) from an existing hard drive to a new SSD.  Can I do that with the special edition of True Image (as of June 2016) provided with the new Crucial SSD?  Or do I need to buy the full version from Acronis?  Thanks.

Kilobyte Kid

I already had Acronis True Image 2016 burned onto a DVD.


What I want now is to clone only my C partition of my 2TB 2.5" HDD to the mSATA (without the unallocated spaces and partiton E  contents)


The Acronis software isn't clear on how to do this.


Afterwards I will enlarge my E partition and delete the C partition on the HDD . The A partition will be moved too to the mSATA later


Of course the OS (W7) on the mSATA should become (remain) bootable. And that's the problem I guess. Can this be done with Acronis.



Layout drives MSI W7

Bit Baby


Acronis does not recognize the serial number, nor the PSID (whatever this is). (Crucial MX300)

what can I do?


Bit Baby
I followed the directions that came with my SSD MX300 1TB drive, I cloned the 128gig SSD in my Alienware 15 R3 2016 Signature Edition and it was somewhat flawless. Laptop even boots faster. The problem, it did not expand the new SSD 1TB it's still 128gig perfectly with the recover partition and the tools partition (both partitions do not have a drive letter and are not suppose to). Now that I explained what I have and what I did. My QUESTION is how do I turn the other partition Acronis created with files into an extension of my c: drive and make it usable? I have read many threads and I didn't find any post install answers on how to handle this. I will call support but I know others will have the same issue in the middle of the night and be looking for an answer short of take it back apart and reclone it with manual options.
Bit Baby

How can I activate the Acronis software without an internet connection? 

Bit Baby

i bought this software with offer from this site. can this software clone one ssd to another (includes everything)?


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