Whea-Logger 19 saw on my 8700K.

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Whea-Logger 19 saw on my 8700K.

Hello. I have a Crucial Mx300 525gb and HDD Toshiba 500GB. Rest pc:


8700K ( 4700MHZ is on auto by motherboard )


Corsair 750i

SSD Crucial 525GB MX300


Asus Z370 Pro Gaming bios 215

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709. The newest build.


Yesterday i was in work all day. Pc was on ,idling. Left in background was only steam + desktop.


Today searching in event logs i met WHEA-LOGGER 19 entry.

Here are screens:






I havent seen any affects that might be caused from this like BSODS or freezing. All stable. Intel diagnostic tool passing. Memtest86 no errors. IHC memtest no errors. Either way should i be concerned of that error or its false positive?



I know its Crucial forum but i want opinion of specialist thanks.

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Re: Whea-Logger 19 saw on my 8700K.

Your screenshots  haven't been approved yet, but a quick search for WHEA-LOGGER 19 produced this Lenovo forum post which seems to identify the January 2018 Meltdown & Spectre mitigation update as causing this problem.   Make sure Windows is fully patched as Microsoft did pull some of the troublesome updates since then and have released newer patches to address the CPU vulnerabilities. 


Also if you updated your system's firmware in January, then you may want to check for a more recent update as the previous one was known to cause issues with some systems and Intel has recently released new microcode to the computer manufacturers to apply to their firmware.


Web browsers have also been patched to help mitigate these CPU vulnerabilities and Steam uses browser based tech.


If you are using your motherboards drivers, you should check to see if they have released any new drivers recently as they might also address the mitigation of these CPU vulnerabilities.


Keep in mind I'm not sure if there are variations of this error code since I only performed a very quick search, but since the tests you conducted seem to have passed this might be a possibility.

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Re: Whea-Logger 19 saw on my 8700K.

Actually my Windows 10 is updated to newest version Fall creator update + microcode fixes. But uefi bios is from august 2017.

I read that this warning is sign of instability or voltages issues. But like i said i dont have any crashes or freezing. Just this warnings very rarely like once of 2-3 months when system is on idle,not on load. Thats all.


First time WHEA-LOGGER warnings i had 21 january 2018 on Windows 10 build from october 2017 (build before meltdown/spectre ) . Then clear and ok . And finally yesterday next WHEA showed on logs.

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t yRe: Whea-Logger 19 saw on my 8700K.

Just yesterday one single WHEA-LOGGER Event id : 19 happened when system Windows 10 was idling in desktop.

Only steam and utorrent running .


I am on the newest Windows 10 build 16299.309


I dont know why this happened.


Re: t yRe: Whea-Logger 19 saw on my 8700K.

Actually my Windows 10 is updated to newest version Fall creator update + microcode fixes. But uefi bios is from august 2017.

Do you know when Microsoft released the microcode update and when it was actually installed on your system?  Did it coincide with your issues?


Has anything changed with your system recently either software or hardware?  Any newly connected external devices or old ones that were left connected accidently?


If you believe it is a voltage issue, is there any software available to monitor voltages through Windows?  If not, your BIOS/UEFI settings may allow you to view the voltages, but of course the system won't be under much load then.


While you mentioned no overclocking the CPU, did you change the memory settings?  If so you should return them to default or Auto for testing.