Windows 10 System Clone upsets protection settings

Kilobyte Kid

Windows 10 System Clone upsets protection settings

After cloning a virgin Dell system disc usin the supplied accronis software, the Protection settings are altered from:

OS(CSmiley Happy (System) on

DATA (ESmiley Happy off


OS (CSmiley Happy (System) off

DATA (ESmiley Happy off

folder OS (CSmiley Happy missing.


Obviously the cloned disc differs from the original. How do I ensure that the OS remains completely intact with full functionality with the new SSD replacing the cloned HDD?

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Re: Windows 10 System Clone upsets protection settings

Do you mean system restore?  You should be able to just turn it back on?


The clone should, by definition, be exact.  But on first boot you'll have new hardware (specifically a new drive) so Windows will install a driver for it and demand a reboot.


And ofc that's on top of the thousands of registry and file changes that will also happen on boot and durign Windows usage as standard - drive change or not.  The only point where they could be considered exactly identical is after cloning outside of Windows and before ever booting Windows.



If I misunderstood, please clarify. Smiley Happy


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