Windows 7 "Black Screen of Death" / Crucial Momentum Cache

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Windows 7 "Black Screen of Death" / Crucial Momentum Cache


  • Crucial Momentum Cache / Crucial Storage Executive
  • Windows Update [WUS]
  • Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT/MRT.EXE)
  • Windows 7 Hangs With Black Screen
  • Symantec Encryption Desktop (PGP)


  • Crucial MX500
  • Crucual SSD Firmware M3CR022 (also M3CR010)
  • Crucial Storage Executive 3.55.032018.04
  • Momentum Cache
  • Symantec Encryption Desktop (PGP) 10.3.2 MP8 [Build 16349]
  • Lenovo W541 with Windows 7 SP1 and all applicable fixes/drivers up to date as at 11 July 2018


  • There appears to be some undesirable interplay between CSE/Momentum Cache, Symantec Encryption (Potentially) Desktop and some Microsoft Windows components.
  • Running Windows Update sometimes results in the computer hanging with a black screen.  It is necessary to power-off / power-on the system in order to recover.
  • Running Windows Malacious Software Removal Tool (MRT) consistently leads to the computer hanging with a black screen.
  • Problems do not occur when Momentum Cache is disabled [work-around].


  • Problem may be related to Windows System Restore Points; both Windows Update and MRT both trigger the creation of System Restore Points.
  • A corporate policy requires the use of Symantec Encryption Desktop even though MX500 has native encryption.  This may make this combination of circumstances unusual.
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Crucial Employee

Re: Windows 7 "Black Screen of Death" / Crucial Momentum Cache

Thank you very much for providing such detailed information on the issue that you are experiencing.  I have been in contact with our engineers and am currently waiting to hear back from them on this matter.  As soon as I get any update or hear back from them, I will get in contact with you for a possible solution.  

Crucial_Ryan, Micron CPG Support, US

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